10 Flaxen Blond Knotty Dreadlock Extensions. Made to Order. by IconicLocks

50,00 USD

This listing is for 10 Single ended dreadlocks in Flaxen Blond.

Color: 22/613

Processing time 2-3 weeks.

Your length (s).

Color Chart:
https:// www.facebook.com/media/set/? set = a. 392619720777844.94136.248737548499396 & type = 3

Picture Gallery:
https://www.facebook.com/pages/ Ionic-Roost/ 248737548499396

Setup and Care Guide:

Rubber Bands for Installation:

USPS 2-5 shipping with tracking and delivery confirmation within the United States, 7-14 day international.

Customized Decoration:
https://www.etsy.com/listing/107426696/ custom-decoration-for-pre-made-or-custom

Returns and exchanges:
Since these are products that enter the hair, I can not take any returns or exchanges. This is in compliance with health codes.

50-80 knotty fears is a full kit. 70 is the typical amount it requires to do a full head. Do not hesitate to blend and match listings in my shop to develop a full set.

Knotty dreads take a great deal of time to make, there are numerous rounds of teasing, knotting, and sealing. The expense reflects the time it takes to make each one absolutely outstanding. These can last permanently if taken care of.

Knotty Style dreadlocks are extremely practical looking and light weight.

They are thick and have natural movement.

These can be braided into loose hair, enhanced completions of genuine dreadlocks, bulking natural dreadlocks, wigs or falls.

These are fast to set up and fun for including color and volume to your hair.

can be bought at Etsy for IconicLocks