10 Handmade Oil Dabbers Borosilicate Pyrex Dab Tool Wax set6 by EarthChunks

30,00 USD

A set of 10 eclectic dabbers set on 6mm clear rod. These are NOT hollow and are NOT for smoking cigarettes through. … Made entirely from Borosilicate Glass, MADE IN U.S.A! Borosilicate glass oil dabber/ dauber utilized for essential oils, waxes, and other things in legal states. PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR IDEA STYLE AT CHECKOUT !! TURNAROUND ON CUSTOMIZED TIPS IS 2 DAYS. * FREE USPS FIRST CLASS SHIPPING! * Hand made by yours genuinely right here at Earth Chunks on
the Texas coast. Kiln annealed for strength at 1050 F * and sluggish cooled for over 8 hours. Made from borosilicate glass rod. Colors made use of are from Momka, Glass Alchemy, and North Star. ALL U.S.A MADE PRODUCTS. Можно available at Etsy for EarthChunks