10 Pairs Black Plastic Strap Rings – 3/8 inch (P010B-10) by porcelynne

1,75 USD

** Description **

This listing is for 10 pairs of black headband or bra strap Rings. They can accommodate a 3/8 & quot; & quot; elastic.

** Quantities **

This listing is for 20 pieces (or 10 pairs). The cost is for all 20 pieces.

** Color Disclaimer **

Please keep in mind that the color on your screen may be a little various than the real color due to either your screen settings or the lighting. If the image is bright, you can presume that the real color is a little darker than what is envisioned and if there is no flash and the photo looks dark, the real color will be a little lighter. I am not a professional in color correction, so I do not change the images after I photograph them.

** Shipping **

All shipping price cuts have been applied to the shipping of each item. No extra price cuts will certainly be provided. I do refrain half orders due to the expense of listings and charges from etsy and paypal.

On event, my worldwide shipping prices are significantly higher than real shipping expenses. When this is the case, I will certainly reimburse part of the shipping charge after I deliver the products. I price these high due to circumstances when I have actually needed to pay up to $ 40 out of pocket for shipping internationally for a $ 50 order.

** About Me **

I am a multi-tasker: a designer at heart, a fashion design teacher at the university level and an fashion entrepreneurship and underwear design. See what I have actually created at www.porcelynne.com or see exactly what I have actually composed at www.lafashionresource.com.

I began selling trimmings to get rid of all my bonus, but understood there is a requirement for exactly what I have access to. In my extra time from developing, teaching and writing, I have actually decided to likewise provide products for the masses, indicating you. Let me understand if there is anything you require aid finding. I take my purchasing journeys once a month, so it might be a little bit before I can find something for you, however let me understand and I can try.

Pleased shopping and see to it to look into all my other merchandise, my materials, my kits and my designs.

-Jennifer Lynne

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10 Pairs Black Plastic Strap Rings – 3/8 inch (P010B-10) by porcelynne



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