10th Anniversary Men’s Personalized Aluminum Cuff Bracelet by madredeolivia

32,00 USD

I developed this piece as a 10 year anniversary gift (Aluminum being the conventional gift for the 10th year) with the couple’s initials and wedding date hand stamped within. However it can be inscribed with whatever you choose. A name, preferred quote or desire for the future.

The cuff itself is hand created from light weight aluminum and has been embossed with a subtle pebble pattern on the exterior. It can be squeezed shut for a tighter fit. Aluminum is light-weight and stain totally free with a silver shine finish.
Cuff is 3/4 & quot; & quot; wide, 7 & quot; long. I can personalize the length if you require it smaller or larger.

The exact same cuff is also offered in a females’s version.

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