14k solid gold hoop– super thin 24 gauge– yellow, white or rose– primitive series handmade by thebeadedlily on etsy by thebeadedlily

12,00 USD

The initial hoops may have looked just like these, simple and simple to live in. Many museums have similar items.

I thoroughly handform these out of 24 gauge (.511 mm) solid 14k gold, gold fill, 100 % recycled sterling silver, or pure nonreactive niobium and file the ends. They are shown in 24g 10mm inside diameter.

This listing is for one (1) hoop.

If this is not precisely what you want, kindly take a look at the rest of my store!

— Gauges–
The thinnest gauge I work with is 28g (.321 mm) and is nearly threadlike.
* I also deal with 26g (.405 mm) and 24g (.511 mm) which are really delicate.
22g and 20g are about the size of the majority of earring post or hoops that you would find in a normal jewelry screen.
18g is a little thicker. It may be uncomfortably tight in an ear lobe for someone in North America or Europe for just a bit. It’s a typical size in the East and in Africa, however. It’s also made use of all over for cartilage piercings and nostril precious jewelry.
16g is likewise fairly common for cart and nose piercings.
14g is the beginning of what I think about determined precious jewelry and is frequently bought for septums and statement pieces.
I likewise often have 12g and 10g in stock. Thicker evaluates may be offered on a special order basis.

— Nose Hoop Diameters–
The most popular inner diameters are 8mm, 9mm and 10mm which are likewise great for ears!

Preferably using a millimeter ruler determine the range from the bottom edge of your piercing hole down edge of your nostril. If you choose a loose fit include a millimeter. If you desire a slim profile fit, please request ‘oval’ in the notes to seller at checkout.

Loose is better than tight, which can pinch, pull and injure. I can size your jewelry down if your hoop is too big, however I can refrain from doing much about fashion jewelry that is too snug.

— Materials–
For sensitive piercings I advise niobium and 14k yellow gold.
My niobium is a lustrous grey, pure and unalloyed, nonreactive and biocompatible.
My gold fill is is composed of a solid layer of 14k gold bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal such as brass. They appear like 14 karat gold since the karat gold layer is much thicker than heavy gold electroplate.

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