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Premium Messy Rose Bun

Premium Messy Rose Bun -   15 hairstyles Messy long ideas

$14.95. Get that Messy Rose Bun Style in seconds with this Premium Messy Rose Bun Scrunchie #Beauty #Hair #HairStyle #HairProduct #MessyBun #BeautyHair #Scrunchie #HairCare #BeautyProduct #Thinqsmall #Trending #2020Hairstyle Get the Elegance of a Messy Bun within seconds! 👸💃   With the Messy Rose Bun, rock that beautiful hair updo confidently again while enjoying the attention it should be getting! It will add radiance to your hair. You’ll also get the instant hair volume with the natural looks and with a variety of colors available, you can choose the right match for your hair. A smart way to save time & money that you are spending on professional hairdressers for the result that you crave for as you can now do it yourself with the Messy Rose Bun magic!  Easy to Apply Simply tie the bun on your hair to get the gorgeous look in seconds! Instant Volume No more dull thin hair volume. Natural Look and Perfect for All Occasion Made of synthetics that perfectly copies the looks of the normal hair. Flexible The elastic band is stretchable and will hold your hair in place.   Reusable & Easy To Clean Just wash like how you wash your hair after every 4-6 times of use, or whenever it seems in need of cleaning. SPECIFICATIONS: Material: heat-resistant synthetic fibers. Color: Black, Light Grey, Strawberry blonde, Auburn, Gold, Blonde, Ruby Red, Mix Walnut, Sliver Grey… (and 20+ more)  PACKAGE INCLUDED: 1 Pc (or if set as per number of pieces) x Messy Rose Bun Note: *We recommend that you buy 2 or more if you think you have a very thick hair. *Hair Color Match Guarantee: In case you received a wrong color for your hair, please let us know within 7 days of the receipt via email at support@thinqsmall.com and we will replace it.

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