16 fitness Design water bottles ideas

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Transparent Water Bottle

This super trendy new milk carton water bottle is loved by thousands! It’s 16.9 Fl. Oz (500ml), just like a regular water bottle & easily refillable. Made with eco-friendly acrylic, the zero-leakage acrylic doesn’t leak plastic into your water like other cheap water bottles.   Super Aesthetic Design The Milk Carton inspired shape is designed to make you stand out. It’ll match your style perfectly while not being too distracting. A subtle hint of aesthetics while offering practical use!   Be the first of your friends to have your very own Milk Carton Water Bottle!      Why the Milk Carton Water Bottle not only matches your aesthetic but your lifestyle too!   The easily portable water bottle is extremely compact and 100% dishwasher safe! It’s slightly tapered at the base to fit squarely (wink) into your car’s cup holders! The top easily screws off giving you the ability to fill up or clean out the bottle with ease. Did we mention how good it would look paired with the right outfit?   Our Black Friday Sale is here! This product is selling out quickly and will only stay at this price for a limited time.   Scroll up and hit the “add to cart” button and get your Milk Carton Water bottle while our supplies last.   We at Vezias care for the environment and ensure that all our products are made with eco-friendly materials.