17 black hair Highlights ideas

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Ribbon Highlights Are The Latest Hair Trend We’re Obsessed With

Ribbon Highlights Are The Latest Hair Trend We're Obsessed With -   17 black hair Highlights ideas

PINTEREST/NUOVO SALONS These shiny, golden blonde ribbon highlights are perfect for welcoming warm weather. 12 of 14 Deep Plum Ribbons INSTAGRAM/@IMALLABOUTDAHAIR Adding deep purple ribbon highlights to black hair is subtle but impactful #longhair Take a guess at what ribbon highlights look like– and you’d probably be right. They’re cascading ribbons of hair that are highlighted in a different color than the base color. Because the highlights are gently painted on, they still blend well with the natural color, so don’t worry—chunky, starkly contrasting highlights of the 1990s and 2000s are not back. Ribbon highlights are distinctly different shades than the base color, but they’re done in a way that flows well and adds depth and movement to the hair. The ribbon highlight effect is especially beautiful when worn with waves that the ribbons can tumble down. (Check out this wavy hair tutorial.) Ribbon highlights are a great highlighting technique for summer, as they usually add warmth to the overall look. Or for those new to the highlighting game, they can be done subtly with ombré effects and babylights. If you’re looking for new hair color inspiration to bring to your stylist, look no further than ribbon highlights—they’re as pretty as they sound.

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17 black hair Highlights ideas