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Rose Garden

Rose Garden -   19 beauty Box ideas

This box includes: Natural crystal made of pink quartz. Soya candle with lavender flavor. Yoga socks with closed fingers. Ribbon exercise band. Positive card. Sport box is the most “serious” set. It is assembled taking into account intensive trainings aimed at result. We recommend to choose this type of boxes if you are already well acquainted with yoga and want to diversify your practice or complicate it. – Natural crystal made of pink quartz. Stones work as “counters” that absorb and store information about their environment. Stones can protect you, take away negative energy or be a source of strength. Yogis use pink quartz during practice – they place it in a room, next to them, or hold it in their hands after session. It is a “woman’s”” stone; it is a strong amulet for women and it helps to harmonize energy in the family. It is useful for those who have heart problems. – Soya candle with lavender flavor. Soya candle based on natural essential oils is ideal for home aromatherapy. It will surround you with a fragrance of peace and tranquility. Ecological candle with a mild aroma is perfect for evening practices. You can light it up before going to bed, then you will be better set up for a good rest and can sleep well. The candle is small in size, the burning time is 15 hours. It is designed for travel, it can be carried in a bag or suitcase, it does not take up much space. – Yoga socks with closed fingers, each finger has its own “pocket”. Thanks to this design you will not feel stiffness of toes and feet. There are special silicone protrusions on the sole of the socks – for better “grip” on the floor or mat. You will not slip away from the place, performing asanas of any complexity. Perfect stability is guaranteed. Size – 36-39 (USA 5.5-8.5). – Ribbon exercise band. The peculiarity of the rubber loop is the increased efficiency of training of any muscle group due to additional resistance. Minimal weight and size allow you to use it as a regular exercise on the street or at home, and take it on trips to maintain physical fitness. It is used to strengthen and develop the strength of hips and buttocks, which makes them resilient, enduring and functional. The color of the rubber can be used to determine the resistance level of the rubber. BLACK color – Super Heavy level. Сheck SMALL Sport box section for more options: https://www.etsy.com/shop/OmMyYogaBox?ref=seller-platform-mcnav&section_id=27529078

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