19 diy Dream Catcher nursery ideas

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Large dreamcatcher, nursery dreamcatcher, dream catcher wall hanging

This large dream catcher is love from at first sight. Use this dreamcatcher as nursery decor to surround your little one with boho inspired beauty. This large dreamcatcher will become a great addition to your older kids room as well. It will fill the space with positive energy of a handmade item. This ivory and white dreamcatcher will do great if you are organizing a bohemian baby shower or getting ready for a photoshoot. This unique photography prop will help you create unforgettable memories. ABOU THE ITEM: This giant dreamcatcher has white crochet doily at the center and carefully chosen delicate lace, ribbons and yarn of different texture and shades at the bottom. White little feathers along the diameter of the crochet add a little magic to this large dream catcher and give it an airy, fairy-tale feel. These breathtakingly beautiful large dream catcher with crochet center is more then an amazing piece of art. It brings sacred geometry to your home and reminds you of the Universal beauty.  It harmonizes the energy in your room with the frequencies of peace, love, acceptance and forgiveness. It embodies Shakti power, the flowing polarity of Soul, never ending evolution and change. WHO IT IS FOR: If you have passion for modern bohemian style or simply enjoy handmade treasures, this white and cream dream catcher will become your favorite wall art. People who are sensitive to energy movement say that my dreamcatchers change the feeling of the space. Your home will radiate peace and love. SIZE: diameter of the circle 95 cm (37,4 inches) from top to bottom 200 cm (78,7 inches) Please feel free to contact me about your custom dream catcher! I will be happy to help! Thank you for your interest in FeatherFromTheForest and check if you like any of my other artworks at https://www.etsy.com/shop/FeatherFromTheForest XOXO