2-in-1 PDF Tutorial in English Felted Cat Cave, and Felted flower decoration using wet felting technique by Grazim

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Really basic and in-depth tutorial on the best ways to make comfy home for your beloved animal using wet felting technique. In this tutorial you will certainly find 104 pictures with step by step directions. You will also get comprehensive flower felting tutorial. Flowers can be made use of as cat cave decoration, or as a pin/ brooch.
Note: This is not knitting or crochet pattern.

For many years I was taken part in felting. To this day I get emails from my former customers with various requests. Unfortunately, due to some situations it’s been more than a year, given that I have actually stopped felting and accepting orders for felted products. I want to thank everybody for the kind words and great feedback. I’m keeping my pledge for those who desire to discover felting. Specifically for you, I have actually developed basic, simple to comprehend, comprehensive felting tutorials with lots of pictures and step by step directions. Good luck and welcome to the felting world.

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