2 Piece XX-Large Caribou Deer Antler Dog Chew For Moderate Chewers, s2pxxlc-137 by WSPuppyeyes

24,50 USD Deer antlers are Nature’s chew toys. 100 % natural and sustainable. They are a great source of calcium and minerals. No harmful chemicals are used to make these, only the natural procedure deer have of growing and shedding their antlers every year.

Antlers do not splinter like hollow weight bearing bones as they are more solid and not as tough. The natural chewing and scraping action of a dogs teeth use down antlers gradually so they last longer than rawhides, hooves, ears or meat sticks.

There is no icky mess, odor or spots! The very best part is pets like the & quot; & quot; wild & quot; taste and smell of antlers! A number of the antler pieces have chew marks from animals in the wild. Every thing from mice to porcupines chew on antlers in the wild.

Similar to any chew toy, usage under guidance. If your pet is not utilized to heavy chewing, let their gums rest every so often. When antlers are worn down little enough to end up being a choking hazard, please dispose of for your pets’ safety!

For how long an antler chew will last your family pet depends upon the chewing practices of your pet. It also depends upon how long your family pet is permitted to chew at a time. An excellent general rule is if your pet is a heavy chewer, address least one size up.

This sale is for the exact deer antler pet dog chew (s) pictured.

All edges are smoothed. Your order will come packaged in a size appropriate paw print drawstring bag.

This bundle consists of 2 caribou

This size is ideal for pet dog (s) LESS than 50 lbs. AND a Moderate chewer!

< br/ > If you need assistance identifying which size is ideal for your canine (s), please, simply convo!

Shipping is through USPS Priority Mail.

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