2. & quot; SHIVA LINGAM Sacred Indian Narmada River Stone – Birthing & Fertility Stone – Great pregnancy gift! by EarthChunks

55,00 USD This is for one (1)Shiva Lingam that weighs 43 grams < br/ > Each stone offered is really special and straight from the Narmada River in India!

Shiva Lingam are a spiritual stone found just on the banks of the Narmada River, high in the mountains of Mandhata in India. They were formed by a mineral called cryptocrystalline quartz. Indian legend holds that a meteorite struck the area and that iron oxide from this meteorite fertilized the rock, providing birth to the egg-shaped lingam stones. This shape is representative of the power of Shiva (Destroyer of the ego) and of manly imaginative energy. The various markings (called “yoni”) represent the magnificent female energies of knowledge and intuition. The vibrations of the entire universe are stated to be discovered within every Shiva Lingam. Grounding vibrations of consistency and balance resonate deeply, assisting in meditation, sleep, and daily living.

< br/ > Shivas are said to bring back fertility to those attempting to conceive and are also the perfect stone for holding firmly in your palm during labor and giving birth.

These are fantastic for wire wrapping, or can be used as pendants. The possibilities are unlimited. Utilize them in art work of any kind.

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