2 Signed Antique Color Etchings * Robert William Rouse * Two Vintage Color signed artist Robert William Rouse Etching Plates. by bedouin

118,00 USD Rich muted colors come to life in these two initial etchings by signed artist Robert William Rouse 1869-1950.

Soft blending mediums each produce their own theme. One portrays a rural setting with a village’s open skies. There is a rider with cart in the distance. The second reveals a romantic picture of a town near a park. There is a gorgeous bridge with the waters reflection. There are subtle information that keep the eye moving through out both etchings.

< br/ > Deeply plated the thick paper has wonderful texture. Both are signed at the bottom though the bridge’s corner is dark and the signature requires a light to be faintly seen.I do not know why its so blacked out ~ The cottage etching has a clear signature.

Consisting of the border each measure 5 x 7 and the etchings inside the embossed border measure 5 x 3 1/2
Unframed, the 2 are beautiful and are browsing for a little affection when again.

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