20 – Clear 1 inch Round Glass Domes, cabochon 25mm – 1 ” circle, inchie by SSCSupplies

4,50 USD

Invite to SSC Supplies! We have been making crafts for several years and want to provide others the opportunity making them and enjoy.

Utilize these 1 inch glass circle domes in our 1 inch circle pendant trays.
This glass will provide your job a stunning magnifying result.
These are easy to make use of and very quite.

Great for:
* Making pendants, in pendant trays, magnets, in cabochon settings, or other amazing projects.

Completely Clear and Smooth

** Smaller and larger quantities available upon demand. **

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20 glass taxis @.225 each
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* We also have necklaces and pendant trays to finish your whole task.

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