20 Flat dust plugs by richgirlsecrets

2,25 USD< p class= "description"> Now readily available in Clear and Black!! Select your color or mix (somewhat higher for mix colors)

Dust Plugs are plugs that suit the headset jack of your mobile phone to keep dirt, dust, food, creepy crawly’s or anything that need to not be in there, OUT!

These are clear FLAT back dusters there are no holes so you will glue products that you desire on. (As seen in the picture) If You need dust plugs with the hole, examine our other listing

https://www.etsy.com/listing/119563656/10-cell-phone-dust-plugs-diy? Photos of completed dust plugs

are for illustration only. You are purchasing 10 plain dust plugs so you can bling it out yourself Color: clear or black Size:. About
12mm long, 5.5 mm large Qty: 20 pcs Usage for Basketball wives motivated earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hair designs, phone case designs, keychains or any Do It Yourself crafting job you can envision.< br/ > ************** ************************************************** ** Never wonder about the quality of your item(s)when
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