200 Mason Jar Chalkboard Vinyl Decal Labels – Weddings or Parties – SMALL Size – 1 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches by LakeEffectTreasury

47,50 USD

Mason jar drinking glasses are all the rage for wedding, parties, backyard barbeques, or just for fun . Why not jazz yours up with a chalkboard vinyl label? The labels are a great way for everyone at your event to keep track of their own beverage. And, they are a lot of fun to boot!

This listing is for 200 SMALL size labels. (I do have other sizes available. Just check out my other listings under my & quot; Weddings and Parties & quot; section of my store.) The labels measure 1 1/2 & quot; x 2 1/2 & quot ;. They have an adhesive back and will adhere nicely to glass or plastic (the glass jars are pint size – about 16 oz. – In the photos). All you need to do is peel, stick, and label. The labels do need to be appied to the glasses prior to use. The labels are made from a high quality, textured vinyl that will accept regular chalk or the ink from a Chalk Ink Marker (also found in my shop, but NOT included in this listing price). Either works well on room temperature beverages (******* condensation from cold beverages WILL cause chalk or chalk ink to become wet and smudge). For a more permanent message / name, a silver, bronze or gold Sharpie permanent marker works beautifully. These are available for purchase in my shop.

The glasses with labels may be gently hand washed. Please do not place a labeled glass in the dishwasher, as the heat will release the adhesive on the label. If you wish to remove the labels after your event, simply peel them off. They do not leave a messy residue behind. 🙂

To purchase this item, all you need to do is make your label choice from below. The numbered labels in the photos match the numbers below. Simply send me a message with your order stating which style you would prefer. Feel free to mix and match. 🙂 (Just send me the quantity of each style).

Style Choices:
1. Curvy
2. Bubble
3. Classic 4 – Point
4. Oh So Cute!
5. Oval
You will receive one piece of white chalk with your total order.

Thanks and let the party begin!

** The Chalk Ink marker seen in the photos is not included in this listing. However, they are available in my shop. I do not recommend the Chalk Ink marker for cold beverages. The condensation WILL cause the writng to smudge and wipe off. Instead, try using a Silver, gold or bronze Sharpie marker which can be found under the & quot; Shop Sections: Markers & quot; tab.

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