2015 Visionary LuniSolar Eco-friendly Wall Calendar in collaboration with Dave Van Patten, printed on banana paper by DreamInspiredDesign

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We created this calendar for those wombyn and men interested in tuning into the power of creativity and our connection to the moon.

This year we are thrilled to be teaming up with the amazing Dave Van Patten!
& quot; & quot; Dave Van Patten is a Long Beach based artist with a focus on acrylic paint, paper cut outs, and ink illustration. His work demonstrates visuals ranging from dreamlike absurdism, psychedelic surrealism, childlike storybook simplicity, ethical fables, to disturbingly dark humor. & Quot;

& Quot; Dave has made awesome illustrations for our calendar, inspired by principles such as life is ART, neighborhood, enVISIONing a positive future, the web of life, our connection to the cosmos, bee hive collective, easy living, residing in consistency with the earth, balance, animals, music, and so on.

Every month you will have original inspired artwork to ponder, motivate & activate your objectives. The brand-new moon marks the start of a cycle, it is where we plant our seeds of objective. By the complete moon, we have actually seen these seeds grow and can relish their fruits. This calendar will assist you in setting objectives on the brand-new moon and acknowledging the realizations prompted the full moon.

* See to it to FOCUS on the photos to see more detail! *

Biodegradable & compostable!

Printed on Banana Paper, which is made from farming waste & post-consumer fibers, made without trees – the best paper around! In addition, the paper has actually not been bleached and the natural fibers reveal adding a stunning visual texture to our work.

Measurements: 11 inches broad BY 17 inches long

& lt; & lt; No hole & gt; For displaying the calendar, we suggest classic wooden skirt hangers or binder-clips for a more modern look.

Ships to your doorstep in a sturdy cardboard envelope, within a vegetable-plastic compostable sleeve.

Domestic orders ship via USPS with monitoring. Worldwide orders deliver on Mondays & Fridays, no monitoring offered.

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