22 tree topper christmas diy ideas

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Twirl & Curl those Wreath Bow Ribbon Tails

Snowman Red Lime Green Lime Polka Dots Winter Wreath Bow Christmas Tree Decor has 16 loops and roughly measures 25″ L x 12″ wide. The bow has 4 ribbons: Red Emerald Green Lime White Polka Dot Stripe, Red Snowman, Red Lime Emerald Glitter Polka Dot, and Red Green White Glitter Stripe. The 8 tails are at staggering lengths and curled and twirled for dramatic effect. The longest tail is 20″. If longer tails are required, please message me to ensure that I have the supplies to meet your requirements. The bow will look stunning on a holiday wreath, lantern, mailbox, entryway Decor or garland mantle. Bow Width ~ 12 inches Fabrics ~ 4 Loop Count ~ 16 Streamer Count ~ 8 Long 6 Short Streamer Length ~ 20 inches Bow length ~ 25 inches This bow has a long length of flocked florist wire that can be used to attach to your wreath, tree, garland, lantern, mailbox or swag. If used for outside decor, it would be best if the bow was under a porch roof or some kind of overhang to protect it from snow, rain, and wind. Suitable for indoor or covered outdoor use Weather Resistant / Not Weatherproof Each bow is unique and will have slight variations. Grapevine Wreath (18″), Evergreen Wreath (26″), Lantern (28″) and the Wreath Stand (24″) are for display only and not included in the price. This listing is for the bow only. Your bow may appear differently than pictured depending on the size and shape of your lantern or wreath Blue Hills Garden Craft sells wreaths, bows and centerpieces for any occasion or holiday. Favorite my shop and you will receive updates when new listings are added. Etsy Shop Link https://www.etsy.com/shop/BlueHillsGardenCraft Follow Blue Hills Garden Craft on Social Media: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BlueHillsGardenCraft/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bluehillsgardencraft/ Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/karpac29/ Twitter https://twitter.com/BlueHIllsGardCR