3 felt snack your choice by kimamaya

15,80 USD

Thiss item is three kinds of felt snack.

You can choose three kinds of snack from 18 snack collection.
Please pick your choice, and let me know what you want in MESSAGE TO SELLER at checkout.

No.1: jellybeans
No .2: candy chocolate
No.3: potato chips
No.4: chocolate chip cookies
No.5: candy cookies
No.6: green chips
No.7: heart candy
No.8: fish-shaped candy
No.9: popcorn
No.10: tortilla chips
No.11: beans snack
No.12: BBQ potato chips
No.13: pretzel snack
No.14: banana chips snack
No.15: cheese snack
No.16: mix vegetable snack
No.17: mix vegetable tortilla chips
No.18: shrimp snack

Each snack is made of felt.
It is completely handmade.
It can be used as toys, or just as decorative items.

Please note that the snack is not intended for small children.

This item is already made and ready to ship .

can be purchased at Etsy for kimamaya