3 Ingredient Natural Hair Detangler

3 Ingredient Natural Hair Detangler

I have very long hair, and I suffer from tangled locks a lot more than not. But no matter what length your hair is, chances are you often encounter annoying tangles. Taking a brush to them sometimes won’t even do the trick, so that’s when you bring in a reinforcement– hair detangler.

Using only 3 ingredients, you can easily make your own detangler that is all natural, safe for your hair, and the best way to get rid of those nasty knots.

What you need:

Aloe Vera Gel

Vegetable Glycerin

Essential Oil


Spray Bottle

I know what you’re probably thinking, because I thought the same thing…”What in the world is vegetable glycerin?”

Vegetable glycerin is a liquid that is produced from plant oils, like palm or coconut. It’s all natural, safe, odorless, and used in a lot of different cosmetics since the glycerin acts as a humectant that produces moisture. Combining the glycerin with another moisture producer, like aloe vera gel, will alter the surface of your hair to make it extremely smooth and easy to release any knots and tangles. You can find vegetable glycerin at your local health food store or most pharmacies.

Combine one part vegetable glycerin and one part aloe vera gel with 4 parts water. You can also add in a drop or two of your favorite essential oil if you’d like. I added a little lavender to mine.

Stir the mixture until everything is well combined then transfer to a spray bottle. You can spray this on your hair after the shower to help comb through it, or apply as needed when you find any knots or tangles that you can’t work through. It’s easy as that!

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