3 Samples by Loreto

10,00 USD Samples consist of no alcohol. Pick 3 from the following list:

< br/ > 001. ▲
BIG SUR -All-Natural ▲ The scent of magnificent waves crashing against a redwood-covered bluff. A clean, remarkably refreshing scent made with handmade Califronia Bay Leaf cast and Huge Sur Sage.
NOTES: Stinging Nettles, Wild Herbs, Sagebrush, Ocean Air, California Bay Leaf, Coastal Redwoods, Mosses and Lichens.
SCENT FAMILY: Fresh, Herbal, Unisex, Masculine

002. ▲
BOURBON -All-Natural ▲ Rich, oak barrel-aged scotch was the inspiration behind this unisex scent. Deep and woodsy yet mellow and warm. Extremely comforting.
NOTES: Cedarwood, Balsamic Woods, Pipe Tobacco, Clove, Bourbon Vanilla, Cognac.
FRAGRANCE HOUSEHOLD: Woodsy, Masculine, Unisex 003. ▲
BROCADE ▲ A sultry floriental blend with fruity leading notes, a heady Jasmine and Carnation heart, and an exotic woodsy base.
NOTES: Yuzu Grapefruit, Peach Nectar, Pink Carnation, Jasmine Absolutes (Sambac and Grandiflorum), Ambergris (vegan), Myrrh Resin.
SCENT FAMILY: Feminine, Fruity-Floral, Floriental

004. ▲
CHANTEUSE -Natural ▲< br/ > Part cyphre, part floriental with a heavy dose of woods, florals, spices, and Madagascar Vanilla. Hints of resins, herbs, and mosses finish the blend. Rich, deep, strange and simply a little smoky with a long dry-down that sticks around for hours.
NOTES: Citrus, Enticing Spices, Exquisite Florals, Patchouli, Orris Root, Woods
. SCENT HOUSEHOLD: Floriental, Asian, Spicy,

Chypre, Unisex 005. ▲
DAPHNE – Natural ▲ A fresh floral with tips of citrus, white flowers and soft woods. Daphne flowers grow in little clusters and flower in late winter season/ early spring. Considering that no real Daphne essential oil exists, we’ve produced our own Daphne Accord using pure important oils and absolutes.
NOTES: Light Citrus, Floral Daphne Accord, Balsams and Woods.
SCENT FAMILY: Fresh, Citrus, Floral, Womanly

< br/ > 006. ▲ DAPPER ▲< br/ > a wearable increased scent for elegant males.
NOTES: Red Rose Outright, Refined Wood, Pastis (Anise), Clovebud, Vanilla and Moss
FRAGRANCE HOUSEHOLD:. Woodsy, Masculine, Unisex, Spicy 007. ▲
DESERT GUY ▲< br/ > A dirty mirage of sagebrush and arid landscape notes in a white musk base.
NOTES: Sun-Bleached Woods, Sagebrush, White Musk (Vegan), Myrrh, Sweetgrass.
FRAGRANCE FAMILY: Woodsy, Unisex, Masculine

008. ▲
HELLO DELICIOUS ▲ A dynamic jasmine-infused scent with luscious, juicy green notes of kaffir lime leaf, essential lime and galbanum with a whisper of white musk. The perfect summer season flower
NOTES: Jasmine, Kaffir Lime, Secret Lime, Galbanum, White Musk
SCENT FAMILY: Womanly, Floral

, Green Floral 009. ▲ HEMLOCK ▲ The aroma of a sweaty rock program in
a dull bar NOTES:. Cannabis, Beer, Gin, Leather, Tobacco, Smoke
, Stale Cologne, Sweat SCENT FAMILY: Masculine, Unisex, Smoky

, Woodsy< br/ > 010. ▲ KAUAI PIKAKE ▲ Pikake a.k.a. Jasmine Sambac is a flower native to Southeast Asia. A tasty, summery scent reminiscent of the Garden Isle
NOTES: Jasmine Sambac, Fresh Citrus, Aquatic Accord, Light Woods
FRAGRANCE HOUSEHOLD: Floral, White Floral, Green Floral, Tropical Floral, Feminine
011. ▲ KULFI ▲< br/ > Based on a really popular Indian dessert of the same name. It’s rich and creamy with a tip of spice. A handcrafted saffron-infused oil is contributed to this mix.
NOTES: Cardamom, Vanilla Bean, Coconut, Sandalwood, Saffron.
SCENT HOUSEHOLD: Gourmand, Sweet, Spicy

012. ▲ NICK -All-Natural ▲ **** Will be ceased 2/15/16
Rich, deep, earthy and perfect for winter season. Nick covers you in a velvety plume of smoke, warming you with spices, resins and woods
NOTES: Wet Earth, Pipeline Tobacco, Pungent Spices, Wisps of Incense Smoke, Vetiver, and Mossy Stones
FRAGRANCE. FAMILY: Woodsy, Masculine, Smoky
013. ▲
9 DRAGONS ▲ Dragons are the supreme symbol of cosmic Chi Energy and are also the most potent sign of good luck in Chinese folklore. A deep, exotic green tea scent with incense notes. The pink lotus absolute adds a richness and depth and a tip of spice.
NOTES: China Musk, Pink Lotus, Green Tea, Soft Woods, Incense.
SCENT FAMILY: Asian, Floriental, Unisex

< br/ > 014 … ▲ PACIFICA ▲ NEW!!
< br/ > A eucalyptus breeze blowing down the mountains on a cool, foggy morning
NOTES: Marine Musk, Eucalyptus, Lime, Sea Spray, Herbs, and Incense
015. ▲ RAMBLING MAN – All-Natural ▲
An unique concoction of revitalizing citrus, wild herbs, exotic spices, mushrooms, woods, and resins. Similar to travel through unique lands.
NOTES: Citrus, Cumin, Ginger, Mushroom, Dragon’s Blood, Woods.< br/ > SCENT HOUSEHOLD: Earthy, Unisex, Masculine

016. ▲
SEAFARING MALE ▲ An exciting blend of sea spray, moss and aquatic notes. Consists of a handcrafted sea-salt tincture made with gray sea-salt harvested off the southern coast of Chile
NOTES: Marine Notes, Sea Moss, Bergamot, Sea Salt
SCENT HOUSEHOLD: Unisex, Masculine, Aquatic, Fresh

017. ▲
SHANTI – Natural ▲< br/ > A wisp of incense smoke in a delicious, flower-filled boudoir, a tray of decadent desserts nearby
NOTES: Ruby Grapefruit, Incense, Black Currant, Jasmine, Bitter Chocolate., Exotic Spices
SCENT FAMILY: Feminine, Incense, Floriental, Gourmand
018. ▲ STARGAZER LILY – All-Natural ▲
An unique, heady flower. Considering that no true Stargazer Lily essential oil exists, we have actually developed our own accord using pure necessary oils. Be alerted, this is a powerful aphrodisiac!
NOTES: Unique Florals, Green Citrus, Sandalwood, Balsamic Woods.
SCENT HOUSEHOLD: Feminine, Floral, Woodsy-Floral, Floriental

019. ▲ YELLOW ROSE – All-Natural ▲
This is not your grandmother’s increased fragrance! Yellow roses are fruity and velvety with fresh peach nuances. Lush, lively and spirited.
NOTES: Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Bourbon Vanilla, Lemon Skin, Oakmoss, Rose Geranium, Roman Chamomile.
SCENT HOUSEHOLD: Fresh, Feminine, Floral, Fruity-Flora

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