3 Things To Do For Yourself Today

Because Sundays are for rejuvenation… 

To break my Sunday cycle, I started off by telling myself this: You are a beautiful, hard-working, selfless being, and you deserve this time. Treat yourself.

So I did. Three things, every Sunday, for myself. I’m sharing them to give y’all some ideas, and hopefully inspire you to take a day off — completely — and cater to your needs. Follow along with this series if you feel like your “you” time is missing.

Relax. Start today with a hot bath. When is the last time you decided to take one, with no agenda to get out? Take your good ol’ time with this one, my friends. Fill the tub with salts, florals, and scrubs — this one is my favorite. Take all of that stress that came along with a busy week and let it melt and steam away. Light some candles. close your eyes, breathe deep, and release.

Primp. So, you’re super duper clean from your bath, your cuticles soft and prepped. Now is the perfect time to paint your nails a sweet hue to sass up the week ahead of you. I’m not the type of girl to normally sport painted nails. I pick the paint off, ruin them by planting, or don’t even bother in the first place. But when they’re fresh and colorful, it’s just… nice. It makes me feel a little bit more put together. So giving myself a little DIY mani in the comfort of my home is a treat.

Reward. Give yourself a gift. Think about what you want and need at that exact moment in your life, and reward yourself a bit. This gift doesn’t have to be expensive, just thoughtful. For example, I’m feeling a bit drained and dragged by the weather. It’s not warm, not snowing, just cold and rain. The sky is grey, and I need some freshness. I walked over to the tiny flower shop down the street and asked the woman to put together a springy little sprig bundle to cheer me up. Walking home with them in my hand, and putting them in a little mason jar next to my bed instantly made me feel happier.

I’m challenging you to clear your schedule today and do 3 things for yourself. You work your butt off, and deserve some time for yourself. If you try this out, let me know how it went, and if you feel rested and rejuvenated, let’s keep this up.

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