3 Vintage Glass Knob Pulls Rare Industrial Hardware Collectible Art Deco Knob Mixed Color Drawer Pull, Unusual Cabinet Knob by ShadowMix

12,00 USD

AMOUNT: 3 Vintage Glass Art Deco Character Knobs, Cabinet Pulls
SIZE: January 1/ 8 & quot; & quot; x 3/4 & quot;(28mm x 10mm)washer size 3-48
CHARACTER: Art Deco Character Industrial Glass Knob

The bolts on these are approximately a 1/4 & quot; & quot
; long. NOT long enough to go through a conventional wooden drawer.

This listing includes 1 each of the following colors:
Transparent peridot green
Transparent teal blue
Transparent deep amber

Any color combination (consisting of jade green) is possible. Just include your choice in the & quot; & quot; notes & quot; area of the order or contact me and I will make it happen.

These are uncommon classic glass drawer pulls from the 1950’s, made in the deco style. They are stunning shades of art deco color and come full with a small stainless hex nut. The glass remains in excellent condition with periodic tiny flaws. The original screw shaft is somewhat rusted but then once more, these are over 50 years old. If the washer gets stuck going on, I withdraw a half a turn and after that remain to tighten up and it seems to take care of any resistance. It ought to be noted that the metal shaft (coming out of the glass) is little – a 1/4 & quot; & quot; (6mm) and for that reason, needs a thin surface area to work securely as a knob. They might be glued or changed with a coupling. Hardware stores have options. I have these on all my craft organizer drawers and they are wonderful. I’ve likewise used them as knobs for ornamental boxes, finials for shadowboxes as well as transformed them to pendants. They continue to amaze.

Extra color available in jade green (photo 5) is noted here:
https://www.etsy.com/listing/130159901/2-rare- glass-knobs-vintage-jade-green

These pieces originate from a big collection of vintage jewels and treasures, the majority of which have yet to be listed. ShadowMix prides itself on being a trustworthy and fairly-priced source for vintage treasures. The description and pictures attempt to show each piece honestly and orders are thoroughly packaged. Periodically, a defect slips by or a bundle comes across rough handling and will certainly be changed at no charge.

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