33I – COLORFUL Set GRAFFITI Tiles – Ceramic Mosaic Tiles by TinkerTiles

24,75 USD

These are pieces I intentionally stamped with graphics, signs and letters and fired them all with wonderful glossy glazes – in this lot all the pieces are deeper, colorful tones and some even double glazed; each is special and lovely. These look AWESOME on any piece, and you might always cut them into smaller sized bits just the very same as you would cut any other tile – nip or snip and see how many little intriguing bits you can leave one lot (and btw, this specific lot has PLENTY of really HUGE pieces which you could nip into LOTS of smaller sized pieces and possibly TRIPLE your rating!).

This specific collection is loaded packed with all sorts of gorgeous glaze colors and each has been stamped and is interesting and fantastic to make use of, especially if you make abstract pots or designs! You’ll have people taking a look at these pieces and wondering, & quot; & quot; where did that come from? & Quot;& Quot;. Have a round; treat yourself and enhance your tile & quot; & quot; stash & quot;. When you seem like being innovative, you’ll be delighted you did!

SIZING: Kindly see last 2 photos for precise sizing; I’m extremely mindful to consist of a ruler so you can assess for yourself whether these stunning, useful pieces will fit into your jobs.

Thanks quite for looking, and Delighted Shopping!

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