36 Postage Stamps – Ships – Boats by P8iosities

2,50 EUR

postage stamps all around the & quot; & quot; ship/ boat & quot; style; they are colorful little pieces of art and history. You will get a pack of 36 postage stamps from nations like Guernsey, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, The Netherlands, and lots of more. Some stamps are post marked, some are not. You will receive the 36 stamps imagined. All stamps have actually been drifted off their envelopes, so they are all set for your immediate usage.
Perfect for scrapbooking, collages, combined media, travel journals, altered artwork, collectors, school tasks, etc.

. All items originate from my own collection; because of area lack, I offer parts of it here on Etsy.

Payment can be done by Paypal and within the EU also by direct bank transfer. Information on demand.

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