40 Rose Montees Teardrop 10mm x 6mm Rhinestone beads for Wedding Gown Jewelry Beaded Sash Shoes and Hair Accessories by olifstudio

10,99 USD 40 pcs Rose Montees pointback
Teardrop Rhinestone
10mm x 6mm ✔ SPEC ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
||| ❂ Condition: Brand New ❂ Material: Clear color pointback glass crystal rhinestone (NOT plastic acrylic stone)
❂ Shape/ Size: Teardrop 10mm x 6mm
❂ Metal cup-base: Flatback with holes for sewing
❂ Set amount: 40 pcs

✔ CHOICE|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
||< br/ >– Rhinestone Crystal: Grade A or Grade AAA (this crystal is much shinier than Grade A)
< br/ >-Plating for the metal cup-base: SILVER, GOLD or ROSE-Gold plated
Please indicate your option at the drop-down menu at top-right-hand-corner above the & quot; & quot; Contribute to Cart & quot; button.

✔ NOTES|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
||-Last imagine shows example of Grade A (Existing) and Grade AAA (NEW) crystals. We attempt our finest to capture in imagine their distinction, but it does not do the new crystal justice. Existing Grade A one is still quite, special by itself, you might like this if prefer the more vintage feel. However the NEW Grade AAA crystal supplies the alternative choice of shinier sparkling modern look.
< br/ >-The listing is just for the Teardrop Rhinestone Rose Montees as described above. It does not include all other sizes/ items/ images/ setting/ designs which are meant for illustration or relative contrast function or application idea sharing just and not part of the sales.

✔ Do you have other increased montee shape/ size? ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾ ‾
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< br/ > – More of our rhinestone increased montees with various shapes/ sizes:
https://www.etsy.com/shop/olifstudio?section_id=10428668—————– Exactly what is Rose Montee? And how can I use it? ——————— It’s rhinestone that comes pre-mounted in a pronged metal
base with holes in the back of the metal base for stitching it on securely. Rose montees are generally stitched on wedding dresses, outfits, figure skating outfits, carnival outfits, all you can picture of fabulously beaded and bejewelled dresses! They can likewise be for jewelery stringing projects, shoes, bracelets, hair devices and more. The cup or base is metal, so you mean to stitch it on, do not utilize cotton thread. Instead, utilize nylon( Nymo )or wire or beading wire/ cable television (i.e. Softflex ). Additionally you can just glue it. Combine with other shapes or colours of rhinestone chain, increased montees to develop among a

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