5.49 each PARTY FAVORS, Plain Satin CAPES 4 Infants, Toddler, Child: by CupcakeCutieKids

5,49 USD< p class="description"> THIS MONTH SPECIAL < br/ > Item for sale: this item is a single-sided, satin cape without any emblems or initials that is available in 14 various colors for $ 5.99 per cape. Please define color when purchasing.

We understand money is tight for everybody, however in the eyes of a child they just desire to be a superhero. Is that excessive to ask? We think not. For a short time, we have a $ 5.99 unique on our single-sided capes in your choice of 14 colors. Materials are limited, it’s very first come, initially serve! And, if you wish to spice it up, have a look at a few of our other customized capes. Capes come in 3 sizes kids, young child and baby

< br/ > SIZE: +Children’s capes are roughly 22 inches long (from the back of the neck down) and fit most children ages 3 to 8.
< br/ >+Young child’s capes: are around 16 inches long.
< br/ >+Infant capes: are approximately 12 inches long

ORDER GUIDELINES: Please “copy and paste” the following in the order type area called “Notes from Buyer” and supply information:

< br/ > +Size(children, toddler or baby)
< br/ > + Cape color (See Satin

color chart )< br/ > OTHER CONCEPTS: Cape Add-on – Masks, Belts and Cuffs
Satin Handbag Party Favors

Cooking Aprons < br/ > If you have an idea and would like us to customize something simply send us a message.
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