50 5×7 Cotton Muslin Natural Drawstring Bags by CelestialGifts

16,00 USD< p class="description"> We are featuring 50 Natural Mill Cloth Muslin 5×7 Drawstring Bags. They are excellent to package bigger products or soaps in, hold materials, potpourri, candles, bath teas, or simply about anything.

< br/ > We are happy to say that Our Mill Cloth bags are the & quot; & quot; initial & quot; Mill Cloth Bags! These light-weight bags are made here in the USA. They are 100% All Natural Cotton domestically grown here in the USA.

These can be stitched, stamped, and even hand dyed your favorite color. Great for home crafts or the expert. It provides a finished & quot; & quot; natural & quot; seek to our product. We actually like them. We hope you’ll like them too.

< br/ > We utilize them for everything!

The question is … Exactly what will you use

them for??? These light-weight bags are made here in the USA. The cotton utilized is 100% Natural Cotton locally grown here in the USA. Thanks for looking!

We offer the initial mill fabric natural muslin drawstring bags. There are other bags that appear like these but that are not always the initial. Exactly what does it mean to be an original mill fabric drawstring bags ???

Numerous bags are imported. Foreign fabrics are often sprayed with chemicals and pesticides upon entering into the country to restrict disease and invasion. Some are manufactured utilizing unfair labor practices. Plus some cotton used in foreign bags is frequently of inferior strength and quality.

NOT HERE !!! Our bags are minimally processed, FULLY MADE IN AMERICA USING VIRGIN AMERICAN COTTON. The chemicals utilized in weaving our bags consist of no poisonous substances.

< br/ > We are proud to bring you a quality item such as these. TRY TO FIND OUR NAME AND LOGO DESIGN when purchasing bags to make sure you’re getting an initial mill-cloth cotton muslin drawstring bag!!!

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