50 NATURAL thin long feather hair extensions assorted 6 to 10 inches plus salon feathers, natural, hair feathers, craft feathers, by mountainfeathers

< p class="rate"> 15,00 USD 50 NATURAL thin long feather hair extensions Natural assorted 6 to 10 inches plus
Please note these are heavily reduced and are for sale as is

rooster hackles feathers these feathers This assortment contains the following natural colors Gray Taupe Slate Gray Ginger White brown.black

hand picked by the mountain male

< br/ > Please note I do not provide the crimp beads
We do not offer any plumes from threatened or secured species these include and are not limited to owl’s eagle’s macaw’s parrots and any raptors.

We Integrate Delivering on all orders of 10 packages ship as 1 And We ship world broad.

All Plumes are stored in my store which is pet free smoke free and house hold odor totally free.

These plumes are an Item of U.S.A
These feathers where packaged by us.

< br/ > Please do not hesitate to contact us straight with any concerns.

Our other Etsy Shops www.etsy.com/shop/MountainManCreations Feather earrings all made by me with plumes that we sell.< br/ > SEE WWW.MOUNTAINFEATHERS.CA for all of our feathers that are not
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