6 Gemmy Green Tourmaline Cabochons by dmargocr

14,00 USD

6 Gemmy Eco-friendly and Blue-Green Tourmaline Cabochons

Origin: Zambia

Dimensions: range from ~ 12mm X 9mm to 15mm X 10.5 mm. Penny for reference is 18mm in diameter

Weight: Overall weight of all 6 is 5.5 grams = 27.5 cts

Shape: various free kinds

Quantity 6

Comments: These 6 gemmy, luminescent Tourmaline cabochons have an assortment of blue (Indicolite) and green tones. The totally free kind shapes have an outstanding all over polish. Bright white & quot; & quot; star & quot; areas are due to flash/ polish and are not part of the stones.

* Please keep in mind: I make every effort to catch the option’s & quot; & quot; true essence & quot;. Please keep in mind that computer displays are different and the viewing colors may differ slightly. Likewise the stones are photographed under a range of lighting and with various backgrounds which might influence the appearance. Thanks for seeing my shop! *

** If you have any problem with any element of our deal, please contact me so it can be solved. My objective is a pleased, repeat client! Thank you! **

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