600 Polaroid Camera Business Edition – Film Tested Working by ForgottenCharm

40,00 USD

This is a remarkable video camera that I have actually cleaned up and checked. It remains in exceptional working condition. I have tested it with PX680 Color Shade Movie from The Difficult Task.

I have cleaned up the electronic camera and lens with rubbing alcohol and a whole lot of Q-tips and cotton balls. It remains in excellent classic condition. It is a stunning intense yellow and was supposedly used on building websites due to it’s high visibility. This electronic camera still has the viewfinder finder connected. Numerous electronic cameras have given that lost them, however this one is still on! I have taken some images with this cam and they have all come out nicely. I generally took photos inside your home with the flash.

Cam History:

The Polaroid Company Edition electronic camera was very first released in the early 1990s. It was similar in body style to Polaroid’s Sun 600 series but has a more innovative flash system with automatic charging, and a built-in sliding close-up lens.

It was a sibling cam to the Polaroid Job position Pro electronic camera, but aimed toward a different market, “Created for extra resilience and ruggedness.”

Features typical to this series of special market 600-series integral movie electronic cameras are:
direct exposure payment
116mm fixed-focus one-element plastic lens
Close-up adaptor that slides throughout lens
Flash auto-fires for every photo
Direct exposure payment buttons on electronic camera front.

You can discover movie from the Difficult Task in Black and White and in Color


I would also go over their individual websites that speak about the movie itself. I went through a great deal of film prior to I started to master it. I would read the following:


https:// shop.the-impossible- project.com/allabout/silvershade/

Please let me understand if you have any questions.

**** All of my & quot; & quot; movie tested & quot; electronic cameras are checked with real film, and not an empty movie cartridge to see if it powers up and goes through the movements. I am making certain that everything works (shutter, mechanics, spreader bars, etc.), and that the pictures come out and have the ability to develop. Film is not cheap so that is why the video cameras are a bit more costly than some other shops. I am giving you the peace of mind that the video camera is certainly going to work when you put unused film in it! ***

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