8 OZ Extra Virgin Unrefined 100% Pure Coconut Oil Organic by kessil2000

< img src =" https://diycraftsrecipes.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/il_570xN.570049353_8x67.jpg "border="0" width ="570"height="429"/ > 6,39 USD< p class="description" > 8 OZ Bonus Virgin unrefined 100%Pure Coconut Oil
Organic This. is definitely the BEST ADDITIONAL Virgin coconut Oil available with rich terrific coconut aroma

< br/ > Method of extraction: Cold Pressed/ unrefined

< br/ > This is a genuinely magnificent oil with a deep, and slightly envigorating aroma of pure Coconut pulp. 100% virgin cold pressed and unrefined. Very same benefits as our refined coconut oil, but more suitable for food usage due to the fact that of its nutritional value, and including a higher fatty acid content.

It is produced by farmers in the Phillipines and is processed using the cenrifuge method. With this method all the nutrients are preserved.

This oil leaves your skin soft and supple with out a greasy feeling after it has been used. You only require a percentage for usage in your skin care or massage oil blends.

This has the odor of Coconuts and smells WONDERFULL! This BONUS Virgin Coconut oil has a service life of over 5 years!

This Oil is SOLID at space Tempurature. You will probably have to heat carefully to liquify. Simply holding it in your hand it will melt. Melting point is 72-76 degrees

< br/ > Kosher licensed and ideal for food and cosmetic usage.

< br/ > All our oils are fresh and bottled daily. Expiration date is at least 12 month from sale date.

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