9 Inch Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pad, Incontinence Pad, Mama Cloth, Panty Liner, Light To Mod Absorbency Flannel Topped W / PUL Backing by handsewnbyme

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9,25 USD 9 Inch Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pad Stop throwing money away on disposables. Rather invest your cash in soft, comfy, economical, handsewnbyme cloth pads! Overwhelmed by your initial financial investment? handsewnbyme fabric pads are reasonably priced and by merely acquiring 2-3 pads each month, you can develop a fabric pad stash in no time. handsewnbyme pads need no unique laundering care and can go right in the wash with your routine wash conserving you time and money.

< br/ > Exactly what you will get? A gorgeous cloth pad! I have constructed this pad out of cotton flannel, which has actually been pre diminished. Pre shrinking decreases more shrinkage. The pad has actually an exposed core including ONE (1) layer of Zorb for absorbency. For support, I have actually picked, PUL for the backing. Kam snaps are used with my commercial snap press. Snaps hold the pad in place underneath your panties.

This pad determines around 9 inches long and 3 inches broad (when snapped) This fabric pad is excellent for your light to medium flow days.

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~ Wondering about Zorb? ~ Zorb ™ is a specialty fabric created to minimize expense and enhance efficiency of reusable cloth diapers. ZORB traps moisture soaks up 10x it’s weight in wetness in half a second – that’s 20x much faster than cotton, bamboo or hemp knits.

Zorb material is made with a mix of wicking fibers and extremely absorbent fibers which minimize compression wicking. Under typical use Zorb will retain 3 times the moisture of microfiber terry.

Zorb material is developed to be utilized inside a diaper or soaker. Each layer will change 2-3 layers of traditional knit material (cotton, bamboo or hemp fleece/ french terry).

< br/ > ~ Wondering about PUL or polyurethane laminate

material? ~ Breathable, stretchable, waterproof material is essential for various applications, from diaper covers for parents who utilize cloth diapers, to hospital needs. Sadly, the majority of vinyl fabrics are uncomfortable and do not breathe well. PUL material is a suitable option, and was originally established of the hospital market.

Polyurethane laminate material permits many non reusable items to be changed by recyclable ones. The fabric can survive high-heat washing and drying, and can likewise be autoclaved, or steam-sterilized. The product is soft and flexible, making it appropriate for use next to the skin. PUL fabric has a high sturdiness, even when the polyurethane laminate layer is extremely thin.

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~ My guarantee to YOU ~ Each cloth pad is hand cut and produced by me with somebody special in mind. I take great pride in my work and finished item. Measurements of my pads might not be specific, as this is a handmade item. My home and sewing studio are tidy and smoke totally free. I inspect each pad prior to I package it for shipping. I will enclose instructions on how to prep your cloth pads prior to use.

Due to the nature of my products, I do decline returns. Please make certain you read the dimensions of the pads you are ordering! Also please examine my feedback to hear exactly what other females have actually said about my pads. Convo me with any concerns you might have and I will get back with you as quickly as I can.

You will receive the pad visualized.

handsewnbyme fabric pads are registered in accordance with the US FDA.

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9 Inch Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pad, Incontinence Pad, Mama Cloth, Panty Liner, Light To Mod Absorbency Flannel Topped W / PUL Backing by handsewnbyme



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