A327 (Spiral Shapes) for the Rolling Mill, Low Relief Pattern. by rollingmillresource

2,52 USD Laser Cut Low Relief Pattern for roller printing procedure (likewise beneficial for metal clay) (Fashion jewelry Industry) The complete All-in-one patterns are popular. It is a type of design where the completed shape is currently developed into the pattern. Its a good fast method making completed fashion jewelry in just minutes. For those that are just finding out, its a great method to begin with roller-printing. They are likewise fantastic to use as an element to more complicated pieces
There is also a 3 & quot.; x 4 & quot; & quot; size pattern that matches these specific designs. Get one to try or get both to make a combined collection.

< br/ > * IMPORTANT ** If you are using low relief patterns for metal clay please define when ordering. Patterns for the rolling mill are a little reduced in one direction to make up for the stretching that takes place in the roller printing process.

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