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29,00 USD< p class= "description"> We understand that every adoption story is special! With that in mind, we did our extremely well making these adoption journals necessary for each special adoption story. Please select & quot; & quot; domestic & quot; or & quot; global & quot;. On the fall menu so we can customize your book to your special journey

► Each book determines 7.25 & quot; & quot; by 7.25 & quot;, making it the best size to keep close-by and close-at-hand.

► Your book will have a front cover just like the one envisioned in the main image and a laminated back cover just like the one in the last image.

► There’s also an envelope in the back of each book to hold additional pictures and other little mementos.

Your book will contain the following sections, printed utilizing a high-quality printer on premium, bright-white card stock (52 pages total):

/// our journey/// ► two page journaling section about your roadway to adoption, ► a place for a & quot; we are
awaiting you & quot
; household photo ► everything about mommy ► all about daddy ► note from daddy< br/ > ► note from mommy ► blank page for you to include any extra memories (note

. from a sibling, extra photos

, etc & quot; )/// awaiting you/// ► & quot; initial steps & quot; section to journal
about deciding to officially adopt
► a fill-in adoption to-do list, ► a page
to journal about your house study< br/ > ► note from daddy ► note from mommy ► a page to compose about how you are embracing (firm, etc )< br/ >
/// we’re matched///< br/ & quot; > ► two-page & quot; discovering & quot; section to compose how you found out you were matched, how you felt, who you shared it
with, etc. ► a page to compose about names you like, nursery ideas, etc.
► a picture page to reveal your kid’s
space ► map(either United States or world) & two heart sticker labels to reveal the journey from you to your kid
► some blank journal pages
► note from daddy ► note from mommy
► a page to jot down some eleventh hour thoughts before fulfilling your child
► & quot; what we understand about your birth household & quot; journal page (this page is optional and can be picked utilizing the & quot; & quot; birth household information & quot; & quot; drop-down menu on this page)

/// welcome house/// ► Now that your child is here you can position a sweet picture on the first page of this area as well as tape-record his/her date, time, weight and height
► journal pages to compose about the very first time you saw your kid, first visitors, etc.
► first family picture
► 4 pages to put pictures of your kid with visitors or other memorable moments
► 2 lined journal pages to write down more of your kid’s arrival story or write them a sweet note letting them understand how pleased you are they are here!
► & quot; bringing you home & quot; page ► a & quot; commemorating you & quot; area to record your shower or other celebration
► & quot; it’s official & quot; pages to tape images and memories from the day your kid officially became a part of your household.

< br/ > A percentage of each adoption journal sale will go to moneying Pick Happiness! Not sure what Select Happiness is? It’s incredible. Inspect it out here:

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Please send us a convo if you have any concerns about our books. We ‘d be pleased to hear from you!

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