ADULT SIZE OutlanderSeries Books Fringe Charm Bracelet by sophiesbeads

48,99 USD

(KEEP IN MIND: the snake will certainly be replaced by an In My Own Heart’s Blood book charm.)
This is an Outlander themed fringe charm bracelet.

On this bracelet you will certainly find a lots of charms associated with the series, including:

1. A book beauty of Outlander,

2. A snake beauty (will be changed by In My Own Heart’s Blood book appeal)

3. A book beauty of Dragonfly in Amber,

4. A letter beauty,

5. A book charm of Voyager,

6. A pair of glasses,

7. A book beauty of Drums of Autumn,

8. A snowflake beauty,

9. A book beauty of The Intense Cross,

10. A goblet charm,

11. A book appeal of A Breath of Snow and Ashes

12. A tree appeal

13. A book appeal of An Echo in the Bone

14. A dragonfly beauty

15. And an oil light charm.

Each book is used polymer clay (no paper whatsoever), and they have page ridge detail to make them resemble genuine mini books.

This is an adult’s size bracelet, however I can make it any size you like if you contact me through etsy.

Other beads on this bracelet are crystals in teal, amber, red, black, green, gray, clear, and dark blue.

This bracelet is adjustable in between 6 1/2 and 8 1/2 inches since it can be clasped anywhere along the chain.

Do not be fooled by the copycats. These are the only waterproof complete color book charms readily available right here on etsy although my competitors charges more for a lower quality item. My costs are low due to the fact that I desire to have the ability to provide you a cost effective way to use exactly what you enjoy.

No paper, no color bleeding, no concern.

Testimonial: & quot; & quot; Sophie: I left my & quot; & quot; Atlas Shrugged & quot; pin on my t-shirt, and it went through the washer and the dryer! Looks as excellent as new! Excellent job making it unbreakable! & Quot;

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