African Charaxes Double Mount by BugsInMyHouse

59,00 USD These are 2 different Charaxes Butterfly types from The Central Republic of Africa. Both are in A1 condition. This is a lovely mix and the Pics actually disappoint the real charm.

The frame is double glass, implying one pane on the fron and one pane on the back. Bear in mind that on this design of frame you get a sawtooth hanger already connected to the back, for quick and simple wall mounting. My luxurious frames are sealed with clear silicone on the back. This does disappoint from the sides or front of the frame. Sealing the frame in this method keeps the specimens protected from attack by Dermestid Beetles. See my profile page about this. The frame size is 5 & quot; & quot; X 7 & quot;. I will consist of information labels for both types. The labels will be attached to the top of the frame.

This item ships by USPS Concern, delivery confirmation mail. Delivering handling and insurance coverage is now INCLUDED in the listing rate.

Contact me if you have any concerns about this listing. Thanks for examining out my Etsy Store and for your interest in my artwork.

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