All Queens Were Princesses Once (School Photo, Grade 3) by BeastWares

700,00 USD

Did you people understand I repaint, too? Surprise!

This is an original piece for the GET UP ALICE show occurring in Portland, ME this month. We were asked to interpret something from Alice in Wonderland– the rest was entirely up to us. I desired to reimagine the Queen of Hearts, who always appears a little misunderstood. Who is this person? How did she get this method? What was she like as a children? After all, queens were princesses once …

Acrylic on wood panel in hand-painted frame, under glass. Painting is 15 3/4 & quot; x 19 3/4 & quot;; with frame the piece is roughly 23 & quot; & quot;

x33 & quot; Piece will be on screen at the WAKE UP ALICE program in Portland, Maine through December. Piece will be delivered to you when the show boils down in early January.

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