Amethyst Dark Drusy Druzy Silver Edged Electroplated, Earrings Pair, Tiny Pendants, Natural, Sparkles Sparkles, 12% Sale, 1 pair, J22 by TerraFinds

20,90 USD Our personal TerraFinds Design. New! Discovered these really dark Amethyst druzy, they are nearly black however still has the Amethyst purple in the stone, absolutely mother nature productions.

You will receive one set, they are very same size, color is as dark, a little differs on stone.

22..60-12 % size roughly 16x12mm consisting of loop, amethyst is 12mm, 4-6mm height

Gold plate amethyst round pendant pair: We have great deals of brand-new designs, we will list them everyday. Thank you for shopping
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