Amigurumi Crochet Pattern – Lemon Happy Sad by HomemadeZen

3,00 USD

When life gives you lemons, you crochet a lemon amigurumi!

This is the amigurumi crochet pattern for the Pleased Unfortunate Lemon. This pattern can be crocheted for not the same uses. It can be packed with polyfill and be a kid or toddler’s toy. It can be packed with catnip as a feline’s toy. It can also be stuffed with lavender or gel beads and be a stress-relieve ball.

This pattern will certainly crochet to about the size of a real lemon, about 4 inches broad and 3 inches high. The pattern is very simple to follow and super quick to finish, and if you have concerns about the pattern send me a convo and I’ll be happy to help. Only standard crochet abilities is needed.

I’ll e-mail you the file in pdf format when I got your PayPal payment within 24 hrs.

This pattern is for individual usage only. Kindly do not distribute or use this pattern for industrial use.

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