Antique blown glass mug stein amethyst glass white overlay must see late 1800s by MattiesMenagerie

88,99 USD

This significant piece of glass came out of a 40 year collection of steins.

The couple began collecting steins in the late 1930s, and it was the stand alone blown glass stein in their collection.

I approximate it to date to the late 1800’s, and their child concurs. Her mom had told her as such also.

Amethyst glass with white ‘string’ overlay and naturally a connected handle.

Ground down pontil area in the bottom.

It stands 5 3/8 & quot; high and 3 5/8 & quot; in size.

The deal with protrudes 1 5/8 & quot;.

Perfect condition, suitable wear marks on the bottom, and a few light surface scratches.

It seems quite low profile and easy, but personally is truly a masterpiece.

It feels good in your hand.

Have a great day aye!

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