Antique Embroidered Trim, Pale Lilac with Pale Blue Backing, Embroidered Inset – 5 / 8th inch wide sold in 18 inch increments (Ref A-2281) by AnniesAntiques

6,50 USD

Antique (Late 1800s – 1930s) Embroidered Trim, Pale Lavender with Pale Blue Support, sold in 18 inch increments. Embroidered Inset, Interesting and Lovely – Even Fading on the Pale Lilac, the lilac top has actually turned over edges on each side that are raw, some of it has to be turned back under so will require some patient steam pushing. 5/ 8th inch wide. Offered in 18 inch increments.

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Seller’s Comments: There is something very special about this beautiful trim, I believed it was a seam binding in the beginning (see third picture) but the blue support purpose is simply to show through the front of the trim. It’s so sweet I can barely look at it without smiling!

Condition: Good Antique Condition, Even fading on the lilac, the lilac top has actually turned over edges on each side that are raw, a few of it needs to be turned back under so will need some client steam pushing

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Ref: A- 2281
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