Antique Ethiopian Coptic Cross by lostcitiesbeads

98,00 USD

Christian Ethiopians have actually put on crosses made from coin silver for over 1600 years. They are made by utilizing the lost wax casting process or cut directly from a Maria Teresa thalers. The earliest pieces have the tendency to be those of the more plain Greek or Latin designs. This certain cross shows a worn a Greek design and was made with the lost wax casting strategy.

Product for Coptic crosses differs from coin silver (about 80 %) to a range of mixed metals. Throughout the 19th century the supply of silver became quicker available and develops more elaborate with signs and patterns affected by other religious groups. Nevertheless, because these were made over such an extended period of time it is hard to verify just how much silver each cross contains.

This cross steps approx 2.2 inches tall, 1.2 inches broad (55mm x 30mm).

You will get the precise cross you see pictured here. The cross is strung on a strong, brown woven cotton completed off with a adjustable knot for instant adornment.

This cross is certainly an antique piece and it’s condition reflects that. Used edges and weathering are a product of time and use … not flaws.

Excellent silver material, takes a fantastic polish.


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