Antique Lettering of Today Book – The Hunt Brothers – Alphabet and Numerals by thedancingwren

68,00 USD

1949 publication of Lettering these days, A Collection of Modern Alphabets & Numerals by the Hunt Brothers. Keep this book undamaged or frame the pages and have a wall of incredible fonts! Each page measures 8 & quot; & quot; tall. Reserve procedures 8.25 & quot; x 5.75 & quot;&

quot;. 80 pages overall, lettering starts on page 5 and is on a single page until page 77 and after that they are back to back. Each page has a different font style. Pages 77-80 are somewhat smudged looking from where the ink has rubbed onto the page beside it. Inside cover has marks and glue where a & quot; & quot; this belongs to & quot; & quot; might have when been.

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