Any 10 Pendant and Pin Settings Frames Special – Embroidery Mounting Supplies – Metal Embroidery Hoop, Minature Metal Frame by Kailea

29,90 USD Select any 10 pendant or pin frames for just$ 29.90. These can be from any of the three price groups of $ 2.99, $ 3.59, or $ 3.99!

Simply let me understand in message to seller what settings you want to get.

These are top quality 3-piece setting perfect for usage with handpainted or embroidered silks and other thin materials, mount paper, or just paint exactly on the metal. They can be modified in lots of ways.

They include a frame, a domed insert to cover thin products around or to paint/ embellish straight, and a back to bring everything safely together. They are so simple to assemble! No requirement for glue, resin or other adhesives – just put your art between the pieces and bend over the prongs. Your personal artwork jewelry in minutes! You can even add a thin see through cover to the front to secure any paper you might use.

< br/ > They open up numerous possibilities not possible with other settings! They have a much greater end appeal then scrabble tile pendants do. Use your very own photo or drawing and create something new!

Можно buy on Etsy for Kailea