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4,95 USD Scent Bead Sachet Air freshener- You
Select Your fragrance< br/ > Scent fragrance beads are remarkable clear polymer beads that absorb 30% of their weight in fragrance. Fragrance beads have the aroma of a candle light without the threat of a flame and soot.

You will get (1) one sachet packaged in a 3 & quot; & quot; x 4 & quot; organza bag and then in a cellophane bag to keep the freshness. Would make an excellent gift plan

There are numerous usages for fragrance beads:

potpourri dishes vacuum cleaner floral plans
filler for packed animals
pillows glass containers
wedding favors graduations baby showers closets drawers health club bags luggage car air fresheners and so a lot more …

Periodically the beads have to be shaken to refresh and release the fragrance. Please note that Fragrance Beads do not release the very same aroma as if utilizing a candle. Heat and air blood circulation are what make the scent toss into the air. Scent beads normally last 2-3 months. Fragrance beads can be re-scented to use over again

Refresher oil is readily available sold independently: All our scent beads are made to order so please permit 3-5 days for shipping. We always make every effort to make sure you are getting fresh made beads and want to allow it the proper time to treat and dry before shipping & quot; International orders are delivered USPS First Class Mail and consumers are accountable for. any customizeds and duty costs they may incur & quot;< br/ > Cautions:< br/ > – Do not set these sachets on wood surfaces as the oils can stain & quot;

the wood! – Do not set them on painted surface areas or plastic surface areas as the oils can harm these surface areas< br/ > – Do not use in a tart warmer or potpourri burner as the beads can melt!< br/ > – Keep out
of the reach of kids and animals!< br/ > – To refresh your sachet, simply include a few drops of refresher oil (Offered Seperately )to the filling in the
sachet Other Aroma Bead Choices can be discovered here:. http://
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, offering place is forbidden without previous consent of this store< br/ >< br/ >< br/ > Fragrance Bead Sachet Air freshener-You Choose Your Scent Please select your scents from the list below

: Fragrance list:: 4 Leaf Clover
7-Up Pound Cake < br/ > Agave Lime -This fragrance is
being discontinued

Aloe & White Lilac
Amaretto Nog Amish Friendship Bread< br/ > Angel Wings

Apple Cinnamon

Apple Harvest

Apple Jack & Peel

< br/ >
Apple & Maple Bourbon

Energy Aromatherapy State of mind Aromatherapy Passion
Aromatherapy Relaxation Lavender

Asian Amber
Autumn Harvest

Awapuhi Sea Cucumber

Infant Powder
Balsam Fir
Bamboo & White Grapefruit

Banana Cream Pie Banana Mash
Banana Nut Bread
Beach Linen

Bedtime Bath Type
Berry Mistletoe

Birds Of Paradise
Blackberry Marmalade

Blackberry Sage
Black Cherry
Black Currant Tea
Black Raspberry

Vanilla< br/ > < br/ > Blood Orange
Blue Fairy Floss
Blue Pants
Blue Spruce
Blueberry Cheesecake

Blueberry Cobbler
Blueberry Waffles
Blue Sugar Type
Brandied Pear-This fragrance is

being ceased
Bubble Luscious< br/ > < br/ > Butt Naked< br/ > Cabernet Sauvignon Wine
Cactus & Sea Salt

Candied Apples
Caramel Cinnamon Latte Caramel Popcorn
Caramelized Pralines Caribbean Teakwood
Carrot Cake -This fragrance is

being discontinued
Cashmere Love
Chai Tea
Chamomile Lavender
Cherry Crumb Pie
Chestnuts and Brown Sugar< br/ > Chocolate Coffee
Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Covered Cherries Chocolate Covered Strawberries Chocolate Fudge Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Christmas Cabin

Christmas Hearth

Christmas Memories
Christmas Pepperberry
Christmas Thyme
Christmas Tree
Cinnamon Buns-This scent

is being discontinued

Cinnamon Nutmeg and Clove
Cinnamon Spice
Cinnamon Sticks< br/ >
Citronella Clean Cotton
Coconut Lime verbena
Coconut Milk and

Coconut Milk and


Cookies N Cream

Cool Water-Davidoff ™ Type


Copa Cobana

Fairy floss
Cotton Fresh

Cotton Fields

Cotton Scented Clouds
Nation Berry Hotcakes

Country Christmas

Crackling Firewood
Cranberry Balsam
Cranberry Marmalade
Cranberry Relish
Cucumber Mint

Cypress and Berries

Day At The Medical spa
Dragons Blood

Drakkar Type< br/ >
Dream Angel

Dreamsicle < br/ > Driftwood
Earl Grey Tea

Easter Bunny Hiccups
Egyptian Amber Elf Sweat< br/ > English Garden

Eucalyptus & Spearmint

Fallen Leaves

Flannel Sheets
Frasier Fir Frankincense and Myrrh French Vanilla Coffee

Frosted Pumpkin< br/ >< br/ > Forever Pals Frost Bite

Fruity Rings
Gardenia Golden Rose Grandma’s Kitchen Grape
Green Clover & Aloe Green Tea and Lemongrass
Guardian Angel
Hansel and Gretel’s Home

Harvest Berries
Harvest Type

Hawaiian Breeze
Hawaiian Dream -This fragrance is being stopped

Hawaiian Suntan
Hazelnut Cappuccino Hazelnut Coffee

Heather Hillbilly Homebrew
Hippy Chicks
Holly Berry

House For The Holidays
Honey Bunny-This fragrance is being ceased


Honeydew Melon -This aroma

is being discontinued Honeysuckle
Honeysuckle Jasmine

Honeysuckle Peach -This

fragrance is being stopped Hot Baked Apple Pie – Finest Seller!! Hummingbird Cake
Cyclone Daiquiri

Indian Summer

Irish Mocha
Jack Frost Type

Jamaica Me Crazy Jasmine

Jelly Bean Sprays
Juniper Breeze
Kettle Corn
Key Lime

Kiwi -This aroma is being stopped Lavender
Lavender Cucumber Sage Lavender and Linen

Lavender High-end
Lemon Lavender

Lemon Marshmallow
Lemon Meringue Pie
Lemon Sugar

Lemon Twist
Lime Cooler
Love Spell
Macintosh Apple

Mango & Tangerine Mango Peach Salsa Maple Syrup Maple Sugar
Mardi Gras
Mexican Fried Ice Cream-This fragrance is being stopped


Montego Bay Monkey Burps
Monkey Farts
Early morning Rain
Mountain Hazelnut Cafe

Mulled Cider & Chestnuts
Nag Champa< br/ >
New Vehicle Fragrance NEW!

Oakmoss and Amber
Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
Ocean Boardwalk
Sea breeze
Old Fashion Banana Pudding
Orange & Chili Pepper

Orange Juice-This

aroma is being ceased
Orchid Rain Outdoor Fresh
Passionfruit & Guava

Peach Nectar
Peaches & Cream
Peanut Butter Cookies

Pear Drizzle
Pecan Pie
Peppermint Bark

Peppermint and Eucalyptus
Peppermint Patty
Pineapple Sage Pine Cones
Pink Angel Wings -This scent is being discontinued
Pink Fluff Sweet

Pink Magnolia Bloom

Pink Sugar
Pomegranate< br/ > Pomegranate Champagne
Pomegranate Cider
Pumpkin Apple Butter
Pumpkin Cheesecake Pumpkin Crunch Cake< br/ > Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin Soufflé Pumpkin Walnut Biscotti
Purple Hooters
Rain Barrel < br/ >
Raspberry Fantasy
Raspberry Macaroon
Raspberry Sangria
Raspberry Truffle
Red Velvet Cake
Reindeer Poo
Romance Type

Rose Petals
Rugged Guy
Sage & Pomegranate
Sea Salt & Lotus Blossoms
Sex On The Beach
Shampure Aveda Type
Sinus Relief

Sleigh Ride
Smoke Eliminator
Snickerdoodle Latte
Snowman Balls Snuggable Southern Breezes Spiced Cranberry < br/ > Spice Market < br/ > < br/ > Strawberry Banana < br/ > < br/ > Strawberry Cheesecake < br/ > < br/ > Strawberry Margarita < br/ > < br/ > Strawberry Enthusiasm < br/ > < br/ > Strawberry Shortcake < br/ > < br/ > Strudel and Spice < br/ > < br/ > Sugar Cookie < br/ > < br/ > Sugar Plum < br/ > < br/ > Summer Meadows < br/ > < br/ > Sunny Morning < br/ > < br/ > Sun Ripened Raspberry < br/ > < br/ > Sunwashed Linen < br/ > < br/ > Sugary food Angels – This fragrance is being stopped < br/ > < br/ > Sweet Corn Pudding < br/ > < br/ > Sweet Pea and Vanilla < br/ > < br/ > Sugary food Pomegranate and Orange – This aroma is being stopped < br/ > < br/ > Sugary food Potato Pie < br/ > < br/ > Sweet Potato & Brown Sugar < br/ > < br/ > Sweet Serendipity < br/ > < br/ > Teakwood & Cardamom < br/ > < br/ > Tiger Lily < br/ > < br/ > Tropical Breezes < br/ > < br/ > Tropical Coconut < br/ > < br/ > Tropical Hibiscus < br/ > < br/ > Twigs & Berries < br/ > < br/ > Twinkle Dust < br/ > < br/ > Very Vanilla < br/ > < br/ > Vanilla Carnations < br/ > < br/ > Vanilla Champagne < br/ > < br/ > Vanilla Hazelnut < br/ > < br/ > Vanilla Lace & Pearls < br/ > < br/ > Vanilla Lavender < br/ > < br/ > Vanilla Sandalwood < br/ > < br/ > Warm Vanilla Sugar < br/ > < br/ > Watermelon < br/ > < br/ > Werewolf < br/ > < br/ > White Tea and Berries < br/ > < br/ > Winter season Walk < br/ > < br/ > Ylang < a rel="nofollow" href="" > can buy on Etsy for SerendipityCandle


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