Aztec Mayan Calandar Necklace – Reversible Glass Necklace – Symbolz – The Ancient Mysteries Collection – Aztec Sun Stone by tzaddishop

40,00 USD Symbolz – The Anceint Mysteries Collection- Glass Pendant -Aztec Sun Stone

Historically, the Aztec name for the huge calendar pillar is Cuauhxicalli Eagle Bowl, however it is universally known as the Aztec Calendar or Sun Stone. It was throughout the reign of the 6th Aztec queen in 1479 that this stone was carved and committed to the primary Aztec divine being: the sun. The stone has both mythological and astronomical significance.

< br/ > From my experience of working in Mexico City, I cultivated a terrific love of their art and spirit, thus the development of this Aztec Sun Stone design.

< br/ > ” A 1 7/8″glass disc is created with the Aztec Calendar design in textural browns, rusts and creams. At each of the 4 corners is positioned an antique bronze wrapped filigree. In the center of the design is an opalescent amber glass 7mm cabochon with a antique brass dimpled surround creating the essence of life and the sun. The connected locket is 18″ “in length with 4 brown czech glass crystals to show the light. Dangle coins with symbol writing and dangle coins. Connected to the 4” “extender chain is a dangle coin.

The back side has an ancient bird symbol.

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