Baba Yaga – A4 print on cream card by thehermitage

15,00 GBP

A brand-new print from an original pencil and charcoal drawing by Rima Staines – Baba Yaga.

Printed on 100 % recycled 320gsm (card weight) parchment-coloured Cairn Straw paper.
A lovely quality warm and earthy print. The paper has really great additions in it, offering it a handcrafted feel.

On the back is printed the title and information of the image.

The last image shows you the image most clearly; though the actual paper background is cream/ off-white which provides the image an added heat, as you can see in the very first images.

This is A4 size (11 & quot; & quot; x 8 & quot;-RRB-; it will certainly come packed thoroughly in a cellophane sleeve and board-backed envelope.

There are lots of other prints in this series in two sizes.

You can check out the inspiration behind and creation of this illustration right here: http:// intothehermitage.blogspot. 2010/11/marvels-and-tales. html

© Rima Staines 2015

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Baba Yaga – A4 print on cream card by thehermitage



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