Baby Buggy Gift Basket Soft Blocks and Burp Cloth Etsy Baby by ransomedtreasure

15,00 USD

Included in this set is the present basket as pictured, 2 large soft blocks and two burp cloths / baby diapers.

First is the baby buggy basket is roughly 9 inches by 5 inches, the height is about 8 inches at the & quot; & quot; hood & quot;. It is for decorative use just. It truly is not strong enough to be had fun with, however can be utilized to display any variety of products or to hold small accessories or toys near the altering table to assist keep the youngster amused during those inevitable changes in life that start at an extremely young age:)

The 2 burp fabrics are alike. They determines around 10 inches by 14 inches and are made of 2 layers of cotton flannel, one green and one white. The green side has a little trim of purple white and blue. All materials are new and have actually been pre-washed. I have made it in pink, however should make it in another color, kindly contact me for information.

The blocks are about 4 inches cubed. As can be seen in the image, they are not precisely cubical, but over packed to make them soft and squishy. They can be clutched and thrown without making much sound and without having any sharp edges The vintage print out of which this was made highlighted 8 different pictures of life for a kids from a time gone by, I believe victorian in design, but some of the images would fit a modern child’s life equally as well. There are a calico feline and dog, a pull toy lamb, a china doll, a victorian styled doll house, a little pram / stroller, a noah’s ark, a rocking steed and a set of dressed teddy bears. Each block likewise has two & quot; & quot; blank & quot; sides, one green and the other light purple.

This is a wonderful set of products for a brand-new mother, at an expecting mommy’s shower or merely for oneself and her brand-new little one! If I have actually overstated the shipping, I will refund the overage. Thanks for your understanding as I get used to the brand-new postage rates.

Please contact me with any concerns and thank you for visiting my little store.

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